Interior Design

360 Design Plus is a full-service architecture firm located in Old Lyme, CT.

We are dedicated to making your ideas a reality. Working closely with our clients is what makes us successful, we focus on what your requirements are and design solutions to meet your expectations. Being a coastal architecture firm makes us experts in the local vernacular as well as the coastal flood requirements. The result is residential and commercial buildings to satisfy your everyday needs that meet the stringent requirements of our zoning and code regulations. 

Architectural Design That Brings Your Needs To Life

Here at 360 Design Plus we embrace the fact that building needs are different for everyone. Some of us live in single family houses while others have condos or lofts. No matter what you live or work in it should represent you. Our goal is to guide you thru the process of expressing yourself and your needs in built form. Never feel that architecture is for the elite or wealthy. Design should be integrated into projects of all sizes and budgets. It is our testament that a collaborative design process will result it a product that shows the world who you are and what you represent.

We Are Experts In Design

Whether your need help with a new structure, adding on to an existing structure, or remaking your interior spaces, we have the experience to fit your needs.

4 Stonewood Drive

Old Lyme, CT 06371